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Louis Vuitton’s store revamps


Louis Vuitton also stocked each store with full merchandise lines (menswear, womenswear, perfume, etc, on top of the lucrative accessories lines), since the Chinese “are now the global number one for buying Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear”, he says. And it carried on with trunk shows and VIP client events, which have been extremely fruitful.

“We did one event in Beijing recently with high-net-worth clients and sold 600 trunks,” Burke says. “That’s a hundred trunks a day. It’s amazing.”

Meanwhile, Hong Kong customers, who for a time were put off by the brand’s association with the tourist market, have been returning to LV stores in the city in their droves, Burke says.

LV worked hard to soothe local customers faced with an overwhelming influx of day trippers to its Hong Kong stores – by investing in store revamps. This, and a recent LV exhibition in the city, has given Hong Kong customers a better connection to the brand, Burke says, which has resulted in “substantial growth in local business like we’ve not had for over a decade”.

And it’s not just China; the LV CEO is optimistic about the entire Asia region. “I don’t see any dark clouds in Asia,” he says. Many of the region’s “big issues have been resolved,” unlike those of the Middle East, where, Burke says, the “fundamental issues” include “profound religious strife”.